Among the qualities of Novomeccanica, mechanical machining for the aerospace sector stands out. It is surely one of the aerospace industries in the world that requires the most stringent technical requirements.

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Natural consequences of the productive capacity and Novomeccanica’s versatility are the activities that the company carries out in the field transport.

Novomeccanica combines the skills of precision mechanics with an innate vocation for versatile use of even a fleet of operations, size and type of which are peculiar to the machine tool industry.

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The story of Novomeccanica was accompanied from its origins with the automotive sector.

A history that goes far beyond the forty years when you consider the professional experience of the founder, Lorenzo Novo.

Novomeccanica possesses a unique endowment of equipment and a solid know-how for large machining.

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Novomeccanica is at the forefront in all sectors where the highest precision and quality standards are needed.

Novomeccanica is specialized in particular mechanical workings for the industry.
There are client companies across all sectors. From automotive, handling, from energy to aerospace, from medical to telecommunications.

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Novomeccanica is traditionally very active in mechanical processing involving molds and dyes. Also in this sector the production characteristics of the company can range well from large transformations that give solutions to aerospace companies, automotive and energy and to all those who need to create molds and large format matrices.